Stuck In The Middle Radio Show comes to Truthkast

COMING 10-10-2023


A view from the middle. “Stuck In The Middle Radio Show” comes to TruthKast Network October 10th. centrist independent moderate

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A new radio talk show comes to Truthkast! Stuck In The Middle Radio Show with Allen Edwards is coming October 10 2023. A show to talk about the political madness in this country.

Allen Edwards discusses slanted media, one-sided politicians and what they’re doing to this country. It’s a new, refreshing kind of show that reveals what’s really going on with the political structure in America.

“Talking with the REAL silent majority” | “Finally, a voice from the middle!” | “Moderates unite!”

It’s about time.

The division in this country has reached a boiling point. That’s because the radical right and left have basically taken the US hostage.

The problem is; dividing America is big money. Politicians and big media know this. Politicians raise millions of dollars from “their side” by pointing the finger at the other side. Slanted media make huge profits by telling their viewers what they want to hear.

The real silent majority are the ones in the middle. The ones that are tired of this clown show. Tired of the back and forth. Tired of the arguing, finger pointing, blame game and the lies.

Listen to Allen Explaining The Show:


About Allen

Allen has worked in radio for over 30 years. He currently is the news anchor for Dailycast Radio News. Dailycast News is a national unbiased radio newscast that provides headlines with no left or right slant, aired on over 200 radio stations worldwide.

With his experience of only providing facts and not leaning in any direction, Allen is the perfect host for the new ‘Stuck In The Middle Radio Show.’ As a political moderate, he presents a talk show that targets the silent majority, independents and moderates that are tired of the current radical political scene.

His show is a refreshing look at what can be done when people come together to get things done in this country. If you’re tired of the madness and division in this country; this show is for you!

COMING 10-10, 2023

Stuck In The Middle Radio Show comes to Truthkast