Tired of the mud slinging?

The Democrats are hostage to their crazy minority.
The Republicans are hostage to their crazy majority.

Cable news has moved to opinion.

The majority of people in the U.S. are regarded as holding moderate opinions but rarely expressing them.

“It is vital to get the real silent majority to stand up and be counted”. The problem is mainstream media does not target them and politicians don’t focus on their needs.

Mainstream news is big business.  Extreme stories and clickbait are new tactics to keep viewers/listeners/readers locked in.  Sides have been set.  Niche story angles.  Radical editorials and personal opinions are now blended in with the news.  This has created an explosive division in this country.   We don’t want to be a part of this madness.  We promote and recommend getting 4-minutes or less of your daily news headlines and that’s it!  Live with less stress.  Be happier.  Get out of the “news madness cult” and make the decision today to limit your daily news intake.  Welcome to Truthkast Radio News! 

Truthkast Radio News is trusted by thousands of listeners who just want news that contain facts and from the center.  No left or right slant. Objective news delivered daily by radio professionals you can count on.  We use a variety of national news sources, triple check/compare the facts and deliver the news with no editorial or opinions.  Our listeners want to discuss real issues and not talking points from the left/right politicians.

…Here’s some more:

Our key feature  is that we separate opinion from the news! The radio news is presented with no BS, no slant, no left or right spin and absolutely ZERO editorials in our news but give listeners an online opportunity to share feedback.  Just direct, objective, specific news that gets real headlines out to the listening public.  We’re not controlled or influenced by corporate dollars, private investors, political party or affiliated with any national media giant.

We consider our news one of the most empirically neutral, objective, non-liberal, non-conservative and quality news source in the US. We separate our newscasts from the opinions. Opinions that we share and allow our audience to share. See and hear all sides. Newscasts powered by us. Feedback powered by you! We always keep them separate. We never include opinions with our news.

We are not extreme with radical editorials in our news. We do not provide QAnon content or extreme right or left radical information. There are plenty of websites that include this type of material and we are not one of them. Our website is for listeners that want real unbiased news looking for quality newscasts with just the facts without the radical fluff.

In addition to our radio news and news articles, we provide feeds from a variety of sources for your information and entertainment. This includes social networks posts and feedback from our readers and listeners. These are labeled “Social” and “Listener’s Opinion”. These sources are not a part of our radio news division and do not necessarily represent our views or opinions. It’s an opportunity for the audience to share their opinions and give feedback.