In a recent development, a majority of the House Freedom Caucus has reportedly voted to remove Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia from their ranks. Republican Representative Andy Harris of Maryland revealed that the vote took place just before the current congressional recess on June 23. However, the ultimate outcome for Greene’s membership in the group remains uncertain.

During a press briefing on Thursday, Harris stated, “A vote was taken to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from the House Freedom Caucus – for some of the things she’s done.” According to Harris, Greene will no longer be able to attend the caucus’s weekly meetings, as those are reserved exclusively for members. This marks the first instance of a member being ousted from the caucus. Initially reported by Politico, the vote brought attention to the matter.

The completion of the removal process remains unclear since members of the caucus are currently away, and the procedures for expelling a member from the Freedom Caucus are closely guarded. CNN has reached out to the caucus for a comment on this matter.

When asked if Greene is officially no longer a member after the vote, Harris responded, “As far as I know, that’s the way it is.”

Greene has not directly addressed her membership status in response to requests for comment. Instead, she released a statement affirming her unwavering character, stating, “I will never change.” She emphasized her commitment to serving the interests of Northwest Georgia in Congress and declared that she does not serve any particular group in Washington.

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