Donald Trump is still the ruler of GOP

Civil rights campaigner Rita May Brown said ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ Many have said this is the definition of insanity. The actual definition of insanity is ‘the state of being seriously mentally ill.’

When you combine this famous phrase and definition, you get the Republican party and Donald Trump. The GOP continues to follow Trump, bow down to him and take his directions only to continue to lose over and over again.

Donald Trump on the other hand can’t control his mouth, narcissism and greed. His constant need for admiration and money leads him down the path to self destruction, lies and corruption. His tunnel vision only allows him to see any situation as how it’s going to affect him. This Trump ‘Recipe For Success’ only results in loss over and over again.

The one million dollar question is when are Republicans going to finally rid themselves of this toxic mold? Time and time again they stick with him and they are constantly taking losses. You would think at some point someone would stand up and say this is not working.

The GOP could have severed ties back in 2021 when Trump’s radical cult members tried to overturn the election. They were done with him. It could have been all over. Then disgraced and fired Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy decided to relight the flame. He flies down to the cult leader’s palace to kiss the ring and take a few photos. The insanity continued.

Biden got the country back to some kind or normalcy. Republicans then started talking about the ‘red wave.’ The red wave’s a comin’. It was all over the news. They predicted having total control of senate, congress, districts, states, etc. They promised that people are sick of Biden and this will reflect in the voting booths.

This so-called red wave wasn’t even a drip. They got hit harder than a Pinata at a Mexican birthday party. Democrats gained seats, saved majority in the Senate and kept Congress at bay. It was embarrassing for the Republicans and they were angry and speechless the next day.

Once again, this was all because of Donald J Trump and their support for him. The American majority does not like this man, period. You can spin it anyway you want. It’s the truth. Election after election – Locally, regionally and nationally; Donald Trump’s mold spreads negatively throughout the party.

So with these kind of stats, why would the party continue to stick with him? Is it insanity? Is it doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result? Trump is not going to change. He’s not, all of a sudden, going to become another person. If anything, he’s going to get worse.

The November election is going to reflect this. Trump may win based on many factors like people concerned about Biden’s age, economy, international issues. He’s not going to win because people like him. The point of all this is that other politicians are going to lose and lose bad. Senate seats, congress, state and local districts. They are the casualties of the Trump mold. They are the ones that stuck with Trump, continue to stick with him and will continue to pay the price for Trump’s corrupt actions.

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