James Comer, aren't you embarrassed?

Oh how sad and embarrassing. Donald Trump wants Joe Biden impeached so bad. So what does he do? He goes to his band of buffoons and tells them to make it happen. What do they say? OK!

They put together this sham of an investigation with no evidence. But wait! What is this? You mean they now how a star witness? Oh, it’s on. They’re on their way to a major impeachment.

So the circus begins. They want the press there, they want this in the headlines, they want to come out looking like good ol’ boys in front of their great orange (cult) leader.

So James Comer (idiot #1) goes out on a press campaign spreading the word that Hunter Biden is guilty and so is his Dad. And HE’S going to do something about it for the American people. He talks about this special document he has and his star witness.

Well, we all know how the story ends. The star FBI informant witness was playing these clowns like a fiddle. He was lying his ass off. None of what he said was true. James Comer seemed to now fumble in his little press interviews. He’s trying to save his bloated face by claiming that’s not all the evidence he has.

James, it’s over. Stop while you’re still a loser. Just one question, aren’t you embarrassed?

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