Prosecutors in special counsel Jack Smith’s office have asserted that former President Donald Trump’s public comments regarding the federal election interference investigation have resulted in the harassment of witnesses. Judge Tanya Chutkan, who presides over the federal case concerning Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election, is currently deliberating on how to address the complaints made by special counsel prosecutors regarding this alleged harassment.

These allegations came to light publicly when the court released information on Friday. Prior court filings had hinted at the prosecutors’ concerns regarding Trump’s “extrajudicial statements” related to the case. In her opinion released on Friday, Judge Chutkan stated, “The government, in its Motion, aims to demonstrate that the Defendant has openly criticized individuals he views as adversaries and is aware that this criticism has resulted in their harassment.”

Judge Chutkan also expressed concerns that Trump might continue launching personal attacks on potential witnesses. She noted, “The past instances of harassment and threats against those whose identities have been redacted present a significant risk that they may face further intimidation if their identities are revealed.”

Details about what prosecutors are specifically requesting the court to do in response to this situation have not yet been disclosed. Judge Chutkan also clarified that the identities of the witnesses who have experienced harassment and the incidents described in their interview transcripts will remain confidential.

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