Trump gets his day in court (again)

Just as expected, Trump was in court today claiming he’s not corrupt, the system is corrupt with baseless claims that the DOJ is behind the New York civil fraud trial. He also attacked the media claiming they too are corrupt.

Former President Donald Trump is currently facing a $250 million lawsuit in New York, a trial that has the potential to reshape both his personal wealth and the real estate empire that played a significant role in his journey to the White House.

On the inaugural day of the trial, Trump, along with his sons Eric and Don Jr., and Trump Organization executives, is being accused by New York Attorney General Letitia James of participating in a scheme spanning a decade. This alleged scheme is said to involve a series of fraudulent activities and misrepresentations, all aimed at inflating Trump’s net worth while simultaneously reducing his tax obligations.

Trump vehemently denies any wrongdoing and his legal team has portrayed him as a shrewd businessperson with a knack for discovering value in ways that others may overlook. They contend that the purported inflated valuations attributed to Trump are a byproduct of his business acumen.

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