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The latest polls show that President Joe Biden is narrowing former President Donald Trump’s lead, and in some key states, Biden is even taking a slim lead. A variety of reputable polling organizations and media outlets have reported these same findings.

Trump’s advantage is shrinking, and Biden has managed to overtake him in certain instances. However, it’s important to note that the election is still many months away, and these poll results are likely to change significantly by the time voters head to the polls.

The fluctuating poll numbers have prompted a familiar response from Trump. As he did in the 2016 and 2020 elections, the former president is now ramping up his “election propaganda” rhetoric. When the polls showed Trump with a comfortable lead, he remained relatively quiet about the upcoming election, aside from his continued complaints about the 2020 contest.

Now that the numbers are shifting in Biden’s favor, Trump has returned to making radical, unsubstantiated claims. Most notably, he has accused the Biden administration of allowing undocumented immigrants to cross the border so they can vote for the Democratic candidate.

Trump even held a bizarre press conference with House Speaker Mike Johnson to spread these lies. This is yet another example of Trump’s tendency to escalate his rhetoric and spread disinformation as the electoral landscape changes.

His own words encapsulate this pattern: “If I win, the election was the best ever. If I lose, the election was corrupt.” It remains to be seen how the poll numbers will evolve in the coming months and how Trump will continue to respond. Voters will need to be vigilant in separating fact from fiction and relying on authoritative sources as they make their decisions.

Here are some links to polls results as of the time of this article (since MAGA doesn’t believe anything against Trump):……………

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