On Wednesday, the House Judiciary and Oversight committees, controlled by Republicans, passed a resolution to advise holding Hunter Biden, the son of the President, in contempt of Congress for not complying with a congressional subpoena.

The resolution received enough votes to move forward to the entire House.

Hunter Biden made an unexpected entry into the House Oversight Committee hearing just as it commenced on Wednesday morning.

His appearance provoked strong reactions from Republicans, who have demanded his presence for a private deposition in the ongoing impeachment investigation of President Joe Biden. Hunter Biden has insisted on only testifying publicly and has dismissed the investigation as “illegitimate.”

As a result of his presence, the session was thrown into disarray. During the proceedings, Mace’s speech was cut off by Democrat Jared Moskowitz, who proposed an immediate vote to allow Hunter Biden to address the committee.

Mace and Moskowitz engaged in a tense exchange, with Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs joining in to express his disapproval of the committee’s conduct.

Biggs questioned the continuation of the “blatant interruption,” labeling it as both ridiculous and inappropriate, and called for more respectful and orderly conduct, urging members not to behave foolishly.

Hunter Biden entered during the opening statements and positioned himself in the front row, flanked by his attorney Abbe Lowell and Kevin Morris, a trusted ally who assisted him in settling his back taxes and penalties with the IRS.

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