Melania Trump’s absence from her husband’s side during his recent legal proceedings has been conspicuous. The former first lady has not attended any of Donald Trump’s rallies since the trial began, nor has she joined him for other public appearances. When questioned about whether she plans to accompany him in the final days of the trial, the Trump campaign spokesperson did not provide a response. Sources close to the situation indicate that Mrs. Trump’s lack of involvement and public commentary on the allegations central to the hush money case is unsurprising. Many have stated that there are ongoing tensions in the relationship, and that Melania Trump has made it clear she wants to distance herself from this particular legal matter.

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Media has reported; Melania has been trapped in a soul-shredding time warp since 2016, when her husband won the presidency and she burst into tears. This was not a waterworks of joy. Melania was crestfallen by the prospect of moving to Washington. She did not marry Donald for his politics. She did it for his money. This was a marriage of convenience with a promise of extravagance. Melania wanted to be a lady who lunches — not the first lady. Melania and Donald are both high on transactional disloyalty. They are the same. If she thought there was any personal upside in defending her husband as he stares down legal jeopardy on multiple fronts, she’d be holding daily press conferences. By them never being together clearly shows that he’s out for himself and she is out for herself.

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