In Georgia, A black woman pulls up to her gas pump, walks inside to prepay for her gas. After paying, she walks out to see that a man pulled his work van in the center aisle, stretches out the gas hose to the van and is allegedly pumping HER gas.

She tells the guy that she paid for that gas and asks him to stop stealing her gas. When he doesn’t stop, she pulls out her phone and starts recording. The rest of the story is on video:

After pumping the gas, the man tries to hang up the gas hose and the woman is blocking him. He states “move your hand or I’ll smash it”. He puts the cap back on his van’s gas tank and concludes with his comment, “Talk about white privilege, you’re a black bitch.”

Many people have attempted to call the business for a response and to get more information about this situation. There was no response. We wanted to know if there was a mix up in the gas transaction? Was he stealing? You be the judge. We attempted to call Entek for a statement, there was no return call.