You probably already seen the video that went viral of Representative Jasmine Crockett absolutely crushing Marjorie Taylor Greene at a hearing. She was later on The Don Lemon Show explaining what happened and she followed up why she did it and what has happened afterwards.

If you happened not to see the video, here is it:

After the video went viral, she talked with Don Lemon and made some comments that were not only extraordinary, but brought to truth what Trump did to the country when he was President and what would happen if he becomes President again. Don then read an email that brought it home with the impact and difference Crockett can make in this election. This interview is a game changer and should be another viral video. Watch this.

The bottomline is this. We can no longer normalize the chaos that’s happening in this country. We can no longer look the other way while the extreme-right MAGA radicals slowly take over our daily lives. Day by day they are becoming more radical, extreme and intrusive. Their “forcing us to think their way or else” agenda has to end. We need to get back to normalcy. The only way we can do that is to make sure the Donald Trump does NOT get back into the White House.

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