Stop Trump Summit has launched

How did we get here? This is among the questions asked to the excellent panel of historians at TNR’s Stop Trump Summit this past October at the Cooper Union. Ruth Ben-Ghiat of NYU, Nell Irvin Painter of Princeton, and David Greenberg of Columbia have all published many scholarly works on American and/or world history.

This event was huge. They had an impressive range of speakers and panelists who either are working hard to do what the title of the event says—stop Trump—or have particular expertise to lend to the proceedings. Mary Trump, Jamie Raskin, Stuart Stevens, Al Sharpton, Randi Weingarten, and so many more. Panels covered the legal cases against Trump, the role of the media in the election, the No Labels effort, and more.

This is just another example of people (serious people) coming together to stop a madman from taking control of our democracy.

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