What occurred on Thursday night was indicative of a larger trend. Joe Biden’s lackluster debate performance did not come out of nowhere. For the past year or so, there have been noticeable signs of Biden’s decline.

Think back to when Biden first took office three and a half years ago. We saw footage of him jogging and cycling with the Secret Service. He was consistently active and fit. That footage showed a President at the top of his game.

A year later, things began to change. Biden was seen falling off his bike multiple times, stumbling on steps, and moving more slowly. The jogging and cycling came to an end. Now, we see a man who struggles to walk, appearing unsteady and confused. It’s a troubling sight.

Biden’s close aides and administration assure us that the public Biden is different from the private one. They claim the unseen Biden is focused, balanced, and energetic. Why isn’t this Biden visible to the public? Are we being misled?

There is increasing worry among Democratic officials about the president’s ability to secure a victory in November’s election. Some party members are considering the possibility of a replacement.

Despite these concerns, the Biden campaign insists the president will not withdraw from the race. A campaign spokesperson confirmed after Doggett’s statement that Biden will “absolutely not” step aside.

CNN interviewed over two dozen current and former Democratic officials, donors, and longtime Biden supporters, all speaking anonymously to avoid backlash. Many believe the president should end his campaign, with some suggesting he needs to make this announcement soon.

While most elected Democrats continue to support Biden following his poor debate showing, citing his achievements and insisting it was just a bad night, a few officials have started to voice concerns about his fitness for another term.

The contrast between the Biden of the past and the present is stark. Looking ahead, can we handle another four years of this? Can Biden win in his current state? It’s clear that the debate night was not just a ‘one-off’ bad night.

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