former Georgia Republican Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan

No Labels, a group seeking to field a third-party “unity ticket” in the 2024 presidential election, thought they were close to identifying a potential candidate. Sources familiar with the group’s efforts claim that No Labels representatives have held meetings with former Georgia Republican Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan about the possibility of him running as their presidential candidate.

Duncan has not commented directly on these reports, it has been reported that he said no to the offer. No Labels voted to proceed with their plan to mount a bipartisan challenge to the presumptive Democratic and Republican nominees, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, respectively.

Responding to the previous names floated, Clancy stated on ABC News Live, “The one thing I would tell people is for months there have been names floated out there associated with the No Labels ticket. The only problem is none of those names have been put out there by us. So if you’re reading any names today, or over the weekend, none of those names are out there because No Labels put them out there. Those names are out there because you know people like to do baseless speculation.”

According to the sources, Duncan has met with No Labels’ leadership, he will attended a series of meetings with Republican donors arranged by the group. No Labels Chief Strategist Ryan Clancy acknowledged that voters would likely encounter speculation about potential candidates now that the group has been given the go-ahead to accelerate their candidate search. However, Clancy emphasized that No Labels has not yet chosen a ticket, and any names being circulated are coming from outside sources.

No Labels planned to announce a formal selection process on Thursday, March 14th. Duncan’s ‘no’ response changed that. Several potential candidates, such as Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, Senator Joe Manchin, and Governor Larry Hogan, were previously considered but have since distanced themselves in recent weeks.

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